STORYTAILS: Summer 2008

by Dottie Harrison, StoryTails Chairperson



      The StoryTails Program for the School Year 2007/2008 has come to a close. This has been a great year for our program with many good results from our students on the TAKS Testing and two very nice Book Fairs at the Barnes & Noble Book Store on Hwy 281 & 1604.  These Book Fairs enabled us to give four books to each child participating in our program this year. As the School Year came to a close we gave each student two books, a Certificate of Completion in the StoryTails Program and a special StoryTails Bookmark.  Thanks to Mary Mutz for working so hard to make these last two items.  The children enjoyed the gifts and our hope is that they continue to read during the summer.

     At one of our schools three teams were asked to visit an Alternative Learning Environment classroom after they finished their reading assignments.  This occurred at Jackson-Keller Elementary and the children benefited greatly by this interaction, as stated by Mrs. Mary Marshal, their teacher (see page 2 for related story). It was a wonderful experience for all the teams to see how the children responded to the animals as we did some reading, played games, and just visited.

     On the other hand we have had a couple of very sad happenings.  We lost two very special Pet Partners this year.  Maggie, Annette Eicke’s Pet Partner died and Annette chose to continue reading with her students until the end of the school year.  This made her students very happy even though Maggie was no longer with them.  Annette and Maggie read at E. Terrell Hills Elementary School where Annette worked up until she retired.  They will be missed.  However, Annette has a beautiful new pup, Emma, who is working hard to prepare to become a Pet Partner and work in the StoryTails Program.


     The other sad occurrence was the loss of Gilda Cruz-Romo’s Pet Partner, Pepper.  Pepper died suddenly and left the Romo’s and the StoryTails Program very sad indeed.  Gilda and Pepper read with students at Selma Elementary School and in spite of her loss Gilda also decided to read with her students until the end of the school year.  Gilda has adopted another dog from the shelter and is hoping that Abbey will become a Pet Partner and read with the children next school year.  We hope so too.


     Along with these two loses we will also not have Carlynn Ricks and Faith back next year.  Faith has too many other commitments to continue.  Carlynn and Faith will be missed by the StoryTails Program and E. Terrell Hills Elementary where they read this year.


     We will definitely need some new teams to fill the open slots and the two new schools that are waiting for teams.  StoryTails will have a training session in July. See box below for the date and time. Anyone interested, please contact Dottie Harrison through the Delta Phone line (210) 614-6734 or e-mail to and confirm that you are on her list of interested teams.  You will be notified of the date and time set for this training.

     Thanks to all our great StoryTails Teams who helped to make his years program a success.  Please let me know that you will be returning for the 2008/2009 School Year.  We need you!

     Please feel free to call me or e-mail me with ideas and suggestions that may improve our program. 







StoryTails Training

Sat. July 12, 2008

9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Please contact: Dottie Harrison

Delta phone line:  210-614-6734

or email to:

Class will be held at the Delta Office

5815 Callaghan suite 104

Summit ll office complex

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