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"Bringing People and Animals Together for Healing"



Animal Ambassadors

Do you have a soft spot for a furry friend? Is the window glass on the inside of your vehicle covered with nose writing? Does your best friend jump up and down when they see you (even if you've only been gone for ten minutes) and greet everyone else they meet with a happy wag of the tail? Then, you're much more than just a "mom" or a "dad" to a companion animal. You're the type of person we're looking for. In fact, you may be looking for us, too.

At Delta San Antonio, our mission is "Bringing people and animals together for healing." And, as an affiliate of the national Delta Society, our all-volunteer, non-profit organization has been doing just that since 1989. We do it through our Animal Ambassador program and our many Educational Presentations that serve, educate, and support people of all ages throughout Bexar County and the surrounding areas.  Delta San Antonio also sponsors StoryTails, a reading program using Animal Ambassador teams, in local elementary schools. To find out more about the Animal Ambassador program, click here.  With your phone call or donation, we can serve even more.

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